Tuesday, February 1, 2011

End of Week One

Today, I learned a very important lesson: salad does NOT make good leftovers.

I had ordered a large salad at Pluto’s last night, not knowing just how large that would be.  I figured I’d just have the rest for lunch today.  Well, when I put that first large bite of spinach in my mouth, I just about gagged from the squishy, slimy mess that I encountered.  It was horrible.

Note to self: only eat leftovers that can be reheated.

It is the end of the first week of the 4 Hour Body diet, so it’s time to see how I did:

Weight: 153.5
Weight Lost: 8.5
Right Upper Arm: 11.12
Left Upper Arm: 11.32
Waist: 33.5
Hips: 40
Right Thigh: 22.25
Left Thigh: 22.5
Total Inches: 140.69
Total Inches Lost: 3.06

All in all, I’d say I did pretty well.  This week I’m also including the breakfast, which will consist of organic, cage-free Omega-3 eggs, spinach, and black beans.  Breakfast of champions, and hopefully, people who continue to lose weight.

I noticed this morning when I put on a pair of pants that had previously been a bit too tight in the waist that they were no longer too tight in the waist.  I’m not saying they were loose or anything, but I’m saying it’s progress.  Success breeds motivation, so here we go with week 2!

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  1. hope you are doing well with your weight loss me, it gets harder as you get older. Although I eat pretty well, I have a passion for fat--especially butter. I have been walking more this past year and can feel the difference in my clothes. I just need to keep moving!