Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week 3: Success

Life has been pretty crazy in the past couple of weeks- Scott and I have decided to move to Palo Alto, my current commute is horrendous, and work has been very busy.

But, I have been sticking with my diet, and on weigh-in day, I was pleased to see that I have lost 10 pounds.  I have noticed a difference in my pants as well- I'm back in my size 8 pants.  It's a fantastic feeling.

So, the official week 3 results:
Weight: 152.4
Weight Lost: 9.5
R Upper Arm: 10.875
L Upper Arm: 11.625
Waist: 32.0
Hips: 39.0
R Thigh: 22.625
L Thigh: 22.5
Total Inches: 138.625
Total Inches Lost: 5.125

Lots of things coming up soon.  Keeping up with this diet- it feels great to be doing so well!

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