Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day Three

This morning when I weighed myself I was down 7 pounds from Monday and three pounds from yesterday.  That is- according to our crappy bathroom scale, which may not be super accurate and is one of those dial scales that’s really hard to read.  Three pounds in one day seems like a lot, but I have been following the diet carefully.  It could be water weight, but I’ve actually increased my water intake.  I think this weekend I will go buy a nice digital scale and see how we do.  Even if my weight ends up being higher with a digital scale, at least it will be easier to read and track my progress.

Yesterday when I got my lunch they had it all wrong- a ton of beans (way more than any person should ever have to eat), a ton of mushy veggies (I hate it when veggies are overcooked), and no chicken.  They totally screwed up my order, but since it had already taken 15 minutes and I was starving, I choked down as much as I could.  It was horrible.

So today I took a different approach- order one chicken taco, one veggie taco, a side of beans, and a side of guacamole.  Then, they can’t screw it up and I just won’t eat the tortillas.  It was so much better!  The food actually tasted delicious and I didn’t feel like I was forcing myself to eat.

Diets are hard when you have to eat food that you don’t like or doesn’t taste good.  I know the beginning is going to be the hardest, and after a while it becomes habit.  So far I’m just preparing myself to meet the challenge- which for me, is saying, “No, I don’t want to eat that delicious gooey chocolate chip cookie of amazingness right now.”  Knowing that I will have a “cheat” day on Saturday does make that better- now, I can say, “I will eat that delicious gooey chocolate chip cookie of amazingness on Saturday, probably along with 3 of its friends.”  MMM..... Saturday.

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