Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day One

Today I started an approximation of the Slow-Carb Diet recommended in The Four Hour Body.  I say it’s an approximation because my breakfast was the same as before because I don’t have the ingredients for the new breakfast in the house.  The book did recommend starting with changing breakfast to see awesome results, but given this week’s schedule, that probably won’t happen until Sunday.  But, I figure if I do the diet the rest of the day, it’s better than nothing at all.

For lunch, I stopped by the Mexican place on campus and got a steak burrito bowl without the rice.  I ordered extra beans but I don’t think I got any.  I also ordered veggies but didn’t get any of those (besides lettuce, which it came with).  I think the guy was very confused with my order.

At any rate, it was moderately delicious.  Not as good as Chipotle, but ya know.  When I first stopped eating, I didn’t feel completely full, but as I went for my lunchtime walk, I realized that I was full.  I am worried that since there weren’t enough beans in the meal that I’m going to get super hungry long before it’s time to eat another meal.

It’s hard to shift my expectations about dieting.  I know that starving doesn’t work for me because I will have a major blood sugar crash and get super cranky and ineffective.  Counting calories doesn’t really work because then I get obsessive about food.  I think I need to change the way I think about this.  I don’t have to count calories, and if I get hungry, I can eat again, as long as I eat from the list of “chosen foods.”  Then on Saturday, I can eat whatever the hell I want.  It seems simple enough. So far so good.

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